Professor Swindle (finn_swindle) wrote in plushyarmchair,
Professor Swindle


*Professor Finn Swindle enters the teacher's lounge*
He says: Shit, guys, this place is empty... Oh, nice avatar! Esmeralda's work, I presume?
"Professor Swindle sighs*

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*Professor GiGi Cortez enters teacher's lounge*
"You're an idiot Finn!" *Slaps Swindle over the head* "Go make me a papaya!"

*OOC moment*
I will now start to post at plushy...
*Finn rubs his Beethoven-esque head gingerly*
"'The hell? You can't MAKE a papaya, GiGi."


June 10 2007, 02:58:27 UTC 10 years ago

*GiGi rolls eyes impatiently*
"That's why you have a wand! Chop-chop!"
*Finn grudgingly goes to the kitchen*
He mutters: "I'll put lots of paprika and pepper on it... and make it smell like freshly-mown grass... the wench."
...Yes, but alas, I've yet to make an avatar for myself. Can't really find anything in the radiant shade of violet that I want.